Game economy and non fungible tokens

Mint Monkeycoin ingame

MonkeyCoin mining is only possible ingame with a MonkeyCoin Mine up and running in your city. Spend resources to upgrade it to the next tier and earn more MonkeyCoin. Defend your mine at all cost.
You will get one Blueprint per day through your Monkey Research Center. Upgrade it to get more powerful and rarer Blueprints. We will constantly update game mechanism to keep the economy healthy, get a good balance between inflation and deflation, and keep the MonkeyCoin valuation high.

Two types of NFTs

Cosmetic NFTs

Cosmetic NFTs will be minted by players outside the game or can be won in special Gamemodes and events.

Consumable NFTs

Consumable NFTs will be produced by the research center and earn in the PVE environment. They will give you a powerful advantage, like upgrading your troops.
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Mint Monkeycoin ingame
Two types of NFTs