First devblog

Back End :

Waiting PRs :

- Login revamp -> adding the mandatory email + email validation before entering the game (and avoid bruteforces of account creations)
- Resources microservices (needed to do the next user stories, like the exchanges between villages)

Pushed PRs that will be present in the Alpha

- Default facilities for food/wood/iron initiated at village creation (so every player can produce the three main resources by default) - A route listing the user's village(s)
- Up the number of villages per user to 3 to monitor the use
- testing the Login and the Resources MicroService
- send some of your non-military resources to one of your other villages
- add distance limit to the nearest village when creating a new one (to avoid having someone creating a village on the other side of the world and cannot be attacked by the others)

Front end

Android Version:

- Fixed collision issues on non-build facilities cube (sometimes you weren't able to touch it on mobile)
- Fixed graphics UI and add button feedback when settings are changed and make it look better with the same style like the rest of the UI from the game
- added new font and make it look ok in all the UIs -fixed tutorials bugs now works good -re-work some UI
-Scale up the barrack widget so it will be easy to work
-Added new background when the game launches
- Add back the new icon for the app
- Add the system that reminds the user token so the player won't have to enter over and over again the email and password
- Added a disconnect button so you can actually change account even if you auto-login
- Fix village map (the new facility locations weren't properly added and the new model had another root and a lot of objects collided with others)
- Remove spaces in user and email when sending to backend server
- Fixed free slots

PC Version:

- Mutant AI (Onyenacho)
- Village map building placements
- Battlemap door-wall attack and disintegration system
- Fixed Sign in UI bug (BeuMonkey)

Level Design

PC Version :

- Added a basic animal AI system (Fish, Birds, Deers)
- Fixed water areas and underwater
- Updated lighting presets
- Fixed foliage specular issues
- Added a simple particle system for the environment
- Starting menu issue fixed
- Grass interaction system added
- Footprint FX
- Reworked paddy field area completely
- Distance field shadows/Ambient occlusion added
- Optimized enemy mutant AI and the mesh and friendly AI and the mesh
- Most of the foliage bugs were removed/Readjusted to get better results with lighting
- Added new Battlemap intro UI (Improved player experience with guiding system (widgets), Also made a simple guide for newcomers)
- Controls settings widget added
- Added grass transition system on culling- No more grass tile culling issues (Players won't notice grass culling further in the battle map)
- Village Map weather improvement
- Gameplay enhancements
- Huge optimization improvements (DLSS/TAAU both added: Will add FSR in future)
- Android Version:
- Village map mobile development/ Blockout
- Village map android version color themes balanced
- Culling added
- Optimized shadows
- Fixed dark shadow issues
- Compressed all textures
- Fixed background areas
- Landscape optimized (Also the Landscape Material)
- Fixed village free slots emissive material (BeuMonkey)