Weekly Update 25/09/2023

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Backend team
By Austin:
  • Started the work on the Heroes feature (Basically the Heroes are special characters that will help leading a village’s troops to battle, while enhancing their capabilities. You can pick random Hero Cards daily, that will help you build your heroes or get more xp, skills etc… for them). I started by implementing the descriptors for all 160+ Heroes that will be available.
  • Then I added the various base features around hero, like the Hero hall (a building where the Hero Cards will be picked), and the opening of the card itself.
  • Next step will be to use the cards and create the Heroes.
By Floffy:
  • Worked on adapting our first Tesnet implementation. I added internal links directly between the wallet and the village, which will help the users see their recently transferred MKCs directly in their village’s MKC count. Next step will be to connect it to the Arbitrum testnet that we’ll be using for the production, so it can be plugged into the frontend easily.
  • Started working on a User-centric api written in Golang. This is still in the very early stage of testing but this might be used as our Matchmaking Server later-on, when we’ll start implementing multiple game servers (rooms with its own map and players). Golang is being tested here, as opposed to our Node.js stack , because it has features that will be very useful for the user api, due to its speed and safety attributes. For those interested to know a bit more, Go is a language that has been developed by Google engineers and is still a pretty “recent” language, but is inspired mainly by C and is open source.
  • Started working on the Clan Castle feature. The Clan Castle will be a new tile on the map, representing the “HQ” of a clan. Troops and resources will be available in the castle, and battles can be engaged to and from it !
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