Weekly Update 08/05/2023

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Backend — Worked on a more efficient way to handle our delayed tasks, like unit production, attacks, building creation. Implemented the new solution for the unit production, using a task handler on top of redis, and it’s working well. Next steps will be to migrate the building creation/upgrade, then the attacks. — We had a few fixes and adjustments to add, after some more frontend tests.
Frontend Lings You can now click on city walls to upgrade them. Before walls where just a building you could build on a free slots. It is not the case anymore. Put a timer for upgrades. Put a temporary timer for building construction. We cannot know when server finish a construction yet, same for attacks when they end. We use a temporary solution to estimate time when stuff will be finished using some data we have on the frontend and local time. As a result we also send a server request every 35s when inside the village city to get updates. This will be changed as we are introducing WebSockets. Game will be much more reliable and faster. If you have some bugs regarding the information you see, that will most probably be fixed after 35seconds in the village or when changing levels, as it will call the server again.
We are using a new API route to get information for village. Fix regarding upgrade conditions, remove march status after timer finish (time estimated so may not be super reliable yet). We show the countdown for building construction both on the right side of the UI and on top of buildings.
UI has been scaled up to be more readable and easier to use on our small mobile screen
BeuMonkey Been having a hard time to releasing the game on Testflight. I could package the game on iOS and send it via Transporter without issues. No error in logs, no mail regarding any error… In AppStoreConnect, I have seen the building in “Processing” status… and then it just magically disappeared.
As I don’t have any kind of errors, problem should come from Apple. I sent a message to their support team and looking to know why there are no build available on AppStoreConnect.
On the Android side stuff was much smother. I register the game to Beta program. I started to work on an auto-update system when you start the game and will be finished soon. The auto update system will be able to deliver you a build specific to your Hardware, so we can save space on your phone
I did some polish and optimizing some materials (settings and calculation) for mobile
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