Monkey Empire selling points (USP)

Real Game with supported by a Real Market

MonkeyEmpire is a real MMO-RTS game. Similar games exist for more than 20 years and are extremely successful with hundreds of millions of players.
While there have been attempts to build blockchain powered MMO-RTS games, they lose the real gamers with ‘lands ownership’, ‘stacking’, and other mechanisms that belong to a DEX or Metaverse (Metaverse being a Sandbox, not a video game experience). Those mechanisms are non-existent in successful MMO-RTS games we know like Clash of Clans or Rise of Kingdoms. MonkeyEmpire mechanics are proven to be successful : - PvE to get ingame items and resources - PvP where you can loot other players' assets. - Raids for PvP and PvE, your guild is as important as in similar game
- Feature special events - Playable on mobile, accessibility on app stores. - Advanced crafting system - A huge World Map supporting a lot of players, with a high scalability.
- Everything you can expect from your favorite 4X game and even more !

Real Game Economy

Unlike many games in the blockchain space, MonkeyEmpire has been designed by a game designer with experience in both the gaming industry and Blockchain technologies. Blockchain-powered MMO-RTS games could not build an active and significant player base yet, while most sell : - A token decoupled from the game mechanics - Company shares instead of a well-designed ingame currency - Moved to a dual token model taking away the value to end users. Those games bring no new benefits for the end users compared to what exists in the Web2 space.
On the other hand, MonkeyCoin supply is fixed, avoiding hyperinflation, while it remains perfectly usable ingame thanks to a mechanism introduced for the first time where ‘burned’ tokens are recycled and MonkeyCoin cost for ingame perks and items is dynamic. The result is a token that is designed to have a growing value over time, benefiting both investors and gamers, without impacting the fun part and accessibility to ingame assets while token value grows.

We only target Web2 gamers

To play MonkeyEmpire, you don’t need to have a crypto wallet, spend cryptos, or have any specific knowledge. We believe this is the only way to onboard Web2 gamers in the Web3 gaming world.
All those reasons are our unique selling points that make MonkeyEmpire differentiate itself from most games we have seen and truly aim to be one of the games that will succeed in bringing Web3 mass adoption.