Weekly Update 17/10/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design & Production by Paul More Tickets have been created and detailed — particularly related to main village buildings, core Map mechanics like pathfinding, tile rules, resource terrains, and tile popups (when creating villages, attacking, or scouting). Updated Balancing sheets — added resource costs for creating buildings (also rebalanced some values) Added logic and rules for MKC Storage Vault like “collecting MKC from mines transfers the MKC to the Vault — but not if all Vaults are Full” Added ticket and details on “Under Attack feedback and notification.”
Also trying out some Game Economy simulations using Machinations
Backend by Floffy and Ivan For the backend team this week we: - added village coordinates in the attacks summary - added basic in-game MKC support (mining + stealing) with 200k MKCs included in a user’s first village’s resources.
Blockchain By Igor - Rework blockchain lib - MKC transfer listener - Game balance sync - Track user transfer history
Frontend by Beumonkey The Game was released on Apple Testflight for iPhone under MonkeyEmpireMMO. You can get auto-updates from there. You have to request access to our Discord server. The village level on the desktop is a port from the mobile version. I changed all textures and materials for a higher-quality version without looking too different from the mobile one. I also added more textures to paint the landscape, as we don’t have as many limitations as a mobile platform.
Frontend by Skatoony This week I created an AI system that spawns apes around the village map and moves randomly around the village. I replaced the building menu with a new one looking better and making the menu bigger. I also ensure that we can initiate a battle with the new 20 new unit troops and make “defended” matches visible in the mails list. I added a way to see all 20 troops units as resources in the village. A few interaction bugs were fixed.
3D by Kermit Finished 3D model of the iron mine
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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