Weekly Update 23/01/2023

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Game Design New tickets for Backend and Frontend Updated Achievements wireframe Added achievements popup wireframe Updated Achievements list — Added rewards, conditions, and badges Added new UI tasks Added social media connect design and wireframe Updated items list Working on Clans
Tech team On the backend, we finished our work on the Research center. We then proceeded to test everything and create a set of fixtures and functional tests, and fix some issues we found thanks to those.
Frontend Matthew vient de rejoindre l’équipe du front, il a découvert le code et commence à proposé des amélioration du front en C++. He was working on “We sometimes need to hit two times the log-in button so it works”. Founds the problem. It is related to the UI animations being played when we press the Login button. Even fixed it but maintaining the same animations overtime was being a pain so I think He’ll continue with it.
3D SwordMan 3D model finished
Archer 3D model finished
Ax Lord 3D model finished
Tribal Brute 3D model finished
Tribal Charger 3D model finished
Executioner 3D model finished
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