Weekly Update 12/06/2023

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  • finished our work on the items
  • finished our work on the last researches
  • continued the work on the new map system, we already implemented a static map (and static map blocks) with dynamic villages, now working on the village positionning
By Samy Got hit by influenza. It’s been a week off for me. I manage to updated PList info and we are now authorized again to submit builds to Apple Testflight and removed unused platforms from target builds. Game crashes on login on iPhone, I’m making the necessary to be able to get crash logs from testflight which requires different packaging configuration. I am now looking at debugging game on iPhone and get it released, and also solve the half-precision issues on texture which makes some of them very pixelated.
By Lings Integrated the Hospital building, available on the Dev server for now.
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