Weekly Update 29/11/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
By Austin
  • I’m still focused on the Ape Machine feature, getting close to finishing the attack implementation. After developing a part of it I had some questions about the effect the Ape machine has to the troops, and had to correct a few things on the base implementation
  • Corrected a small bug on the rules route, that was using the hospital facility rules instead of the hero hall one
By Floffy
  • I’ve been focusing on the Crypto Withdrawal system. Basically the idea is to enable players to execute MKC withdrawal orders, effective 48h after. By adding a few rules like the vulnerability of these MKCs, the goal is to have features like this one directly implemented into the gameplay, to have a full experience.
  • I removed the facilities dependencies to some researches, that was not very efficient on the game design side.
  • I also started working on the architectural needs we have in order to add a collect system on Orders, Hospital healed troops, Researches, and in the same time make the building system simpler
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