Weekly Update 05/12/2023

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Backend By Austin
  • I was a bit off work this week, but I still managed to find time to make the Ape Machine feature move forward. Now it’s almost ready to be merged and used by the frontend team.
By Floffy
  • I added an “admin” role handling in the stack, to enable access to specific routes only for admin.
  • After that admin system was in place, I created a first route that delivers data for a bot we’re creating that will help us handle our MKC and NFT whitelists, computing the progress of each player etc…
  • I continued my “refacto” work on the async features to make them work as a Collect System and add user action needs to these. The first step was to transform the units order system, and the second step was the hospitalized troops healing system. Both are now working without asynchronous tasks with a collect route instead. It will be integrated in the app once everything is implemented, for the moment it still works the old way on the production servers. I’m now working on adapting the research system and will move onto the building system, the last piece of the refacto, which will need a little bit more changes.
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