Weekly Update 28/08/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • A fix was needed on the clan update route, to enable the change of publicness
  • Added the marketplace descriptor
  • Working on the marketplace offers: after doing the offer creation, I continued by adding the offer claim, which will allow users to accept a market offer and trade
By Floffy
  • Working on the raid attacks. After implementing the clans as they are, I’m adding the possibility to launch raids on specific villages or outposts, and invite other people from my clan to join this raid attack.
  • This week we met Furqan, from Malaysia, and started discussing working together. He is gonna join Austin in developing our next big features !
Frontend team By Samy
  • Setup Firebase Crashlytics to get crash reports for Android devices. Game is crashing on my Galaxy Tab, a lot. While it has no issues on my other devices. I have seen some crash from some users. It is getting investigated.
  • Art team is on pause as we focus on getting all features done. As such our budget and effort go towards backend.
  • Tweaking on both worlmap and village map : changed depots with new temporary materials for worldmap, more input/camera setup on village map, and debugging decals not showing on mobile. Decals not showing yet, it needs further investigation to be mobile-compatible, but will be a great add once solved. Added ClanHall and Vault model.
  • Also we can have crashes due to too much units being spawned on the worldmap during an attack. Less of them are spawning depending on collisions, but this issue will need to be improved even more before working flawlessly on every mobile out there.
By Lings
  • Migrated Research and Unit Production API calls from blueprints to C++, to make data be independent from widgets, enhancing the overall modularity and flexibility of our system.
  • Introducing a helper diget. This addition aims to enhance the user experience by providing valuable assistance and guidance throughout the application. For example you can easily see what are idle buildings.
  • Resolving a crash tied to the Building Clan Hall feature. We also made improvements to village drag movement, creating a smoother and more intuitive user interface.
  • Delving into the gameplay aspect, we dedicated significant effort to enhancing the Battle Report feature. Our aim was to provide players with more detailed and comprehensive battle reports, giving them valuable insights into their strategic choices.
  • Introducing the Find Tile widget to improve navigation within the application.
  • Improving the signup process and incorporated support for MKC tiles.
  • Implementation of a Tab Menu, complete with an integrated Guild Menu. We separated the tab menu for inventory/shop and the guild, allowing for smoother transitions between different sections of the application.
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