Weekly Update 22/11/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
For the backend By Austin
  • I fixed a few rules on prices in the game rules.
  • I’m finishing the Ape Machine feature. After adding all the descriptors, building etx… I’m now focusing on assigning a Hero to an Ape Machine, to use it for attacks, which will add a new dimension to the battle.
By Floffy
  • I finished the Quests feature by adding all the log entries in the stack, and added the documentation to use it.
  • I also added a new “reset password” feature, that enables players to reset their password when lost, both in the game (only for the request) or in the website (request + actual reset).
  • I re-enabled the email validation (sending a link via email to validate an account, not mandatory). I also changed the link’s url, to point to the website (where a proxy link has been created) and avoid pointing to the API url directly.
Website by Floffy
  • I added a proxy page for the email validation.
  • I added all the password reset related pages to the website (request a reset, and do the actual reset in a form with a secure link).
  • I also took the oportunity to redesign the 404 page, adding a beautifully confused and disapointed ape.
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