Weekly Update 05/06/2023

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Backend team
  • Created the new Hospital, that allows the user to heal the troops that have fallen into battle
  • Started working on the last milestone for the items, applying the effect of each item to the features
  • Continued working on the new map system
We’re also writing technical documentation for the frontend team so they can have the easiest experience implementing the features.
Frontend team
  • Polish and debug for Beta release
  • Apple sent me a mail about why Unreal Engine has SDK using mobile phone camera. Of course the game cannot use the camera, the microphone or whatsoever but some stuff exist in the engine to achieve it. Everything worked last week but now they decided to block latest build because of that. So we have to report it.
As such I will release latest version of game on Android. Regarding iOS, as I spent so much time and effort compared to Android and I always get new surprise from Apple, iPhone version will lag behind the Android one and be ready when it’s ready… Nonetheless iOS version may be good by the end of the week if we don’t have a new surprise from Apple.
  • I went through Rendering settings in order to optimize the game for mobile platform. Basically I lowered all settings. We are more looking to get a game that can run on a lot of devices rather than the most advanced one. The only thing I got crazy with is Anti Aliasing, upscale it to MSAA instead of the blurry but less costly FXAA.
  • Switched to static lights everywhere and remove some foliage, and applied a few changes after Chris finished his work on level design and 3D assets to further optimise the game
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