Samy – CEO

Lifetime gamer, modder and developper. Unreal Engine 5 generalist. Worked as a Blockchain dev in 2017 and now game designer specialized in Blockchain technologies. Samy carries the vision of a symbiosis between blockchain and video game world.

Augustin – COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Crypto enthusiast, business developer and entrepreneur for 4 years as sales in digital marketing, branding and social media strategy. Music producer, video game sound designer and recording studio owner.
Augustin is in charge of various topics such as, vision implementation, operational management, business development, subcontractor management + sound design.


Florian – CTO

Worked as the CTO of a french startup for 2 years, and as a senior engineer in top companies such as NodeJS, AngularJS, databases, React, C, C++; Java
Florian is CTO, he leads the different technical departments and handles the technical choices he also oversees the backend engineering.

Simon – CBO (Chief Blockchain Officer)

Worked as a CTO in a startup for 5 years then in freelance and Blockchain dev for 2 years. Passionate about blockchain, Cloud and complex architectures for native cloud apps. Tech stack: Solidity, Rust, React, springboot, python, node, GCP, AWS, Azure.
Simon is in charge of Monkey Empire blockchain integration and Monkey Empire scalability (architecture and infrastructure)

Lucas – CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Solid background as a 3D Artist for 4 years in game industry. Blender, Unreal engine 4. He launched multiples NFTs series managing al the projects from scratch.
Lucas is handling the marketing team, he is in charge of social media strategy and community growth.


Paul Fabella - Game Designer / Producer

An all-around Gamer, Writer, Chef, Athlete, Entrepreneur, and Artist. Has been in Game Development since 2005. Started as a Freelance Generalist, Indie Game Developer, Web Designer, Multimedia Instructor, 3D Artist, Animator, and now as Game Designer / Game Producer. Designed and Managed several successful game titles on Mobile, PC, and Console for various studios and projects. Best projects include: Dragon Mania Legends, Disney Getaway Blast, Murasaki 7, Order & Chaos online, Modern Combat, and more.

Igor - Backend and blockchain developer

Worked as a backend engineer for 8 years in freelance and several startups Tech Stack: Javascript, Python, Golang, Solidity, Smart Contracts Has Experience of various frameworks, blockchain technology, Software Infrastructure, Blockchain systems and defi apps. Igor is working as a backend engineer in Monkey EmpireL

Mike – UE4 Full-stack Developer

Unreal, OpenGL, WebGL, WASM, C, C++, C#, Python, Javascript, Swift. 7 years of experience working for the AAA game studio Nexon America and 20 years of software engineering experience overall. Launched 8 games in Nexon Launcher: Combat Arms, Ghost in the Shell First Assault, Dirty Bomb, Maplestory, Vindictus, Mabinogi, Icarus, Atlantica Online. * Launched 3 Facebook games: MapleStory Adventures, Wonder Cruise, Zombie Misfits. * Launched Lawbreakers alpha for Steam.

Raul –UE4 Front-end Developer

4 years experience as a UE4 dev : Worked on a lot of projects including multiplayer, singleplayer, VR…

Nacho - Unreal Engine Developer

12 years experience as Unreal Engine developer and modder (UDK then UE4). Worked 6 years on Renegade-X, the award-winning indie game made standalone in 2010. UI and AI expert, proficient with Niagara particle system. C++/BP/Sequencer/Audio/Networking

Sylvain – 2D/3D Artist & Concept artist

2D Environment and character concept artist with 6 years of experience working in game industry as a freelance Illustrator. Comfortable with Photoshop and Blender and enjoy 3D.

Mehdi – 2D/3D Artist & Concept artist

2D Environment and character concept artist with 5 years of experience working in game industry as a freelance Illustrator.

Juni - 3D/3D Artist & Concept artist

Juni is a concept artist for 6 years, starting 2016 as a freelancer. In 2017, he became a senior concept artist in The Studio of Secret6 Inc. (Now Grit Gameworks) and he has worked on AAA games such as The Last of Us Part II (Naughty Dog), Just Cause 4 (Avalanche Studios), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Eidos Montreal), and Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red), and more AAA still under NDA

Yasindu – Level Designer

Create Amazing and Immersive Level for 3 years. Great Knowledge of Making Photorealistic Worlds Using Unreal Engine 4. Good Experience with Lightning and Optimizations.

Alexander - 3D character expert

16 years of experience in 3D art industry, worked for Fortnite, Valorant, Forza, ATC Instructor for Autodesk Maya, Modeling/Texturing, Concepting and Animation, Modeling for Volkswagen Commercial, Concepting and Animation, Concepting for Empire Universe 2...

Hubert - Graphic designer

Graphic designer and key artist with 3 years of experience as a freelance graphic designer and 5 years of experience as a graphic designer for Les Cinemas Pathé Gaumont. Photoshop expert.
Thévert - CM
Thévert is an horn collector, Ape Maximalist and JPEG Degen who became an Avalanche connoisseur after taking part in several projects as a mod or CM
ApesEnchanter - moderator & Ape mascot
Lutis - moderator & Ape mascot
Krronaldo - moderator
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