Weekly Update 21/08/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Backend team by Floffy and Austin
  • We added a new casualties/hospital count in the attacks report, helping a better display in frontend
  • We added the coordinates of each village in the attacks global summary, for the same purpose, helping seeing the troops moving on the map live
  • We added the MKC Depot terrain
  • And took the opportunity to lower the number of terrains on the map
  • We added the possibility to attack a terrain that is already being looted. In this situation, instead of attacking the troops that was previously defending the terrain, if you attack a terrain being looted, the troops looting the terrain will be the defending troop, so everything is possible
Frontend by Samy
  • I have been doing more testing.
  • I resized some UI elements to make it easier to use on our mobile. With Emeric and Lings we have not completely fixed SignUp bug but it should work in most scenarios.
  • I have been reworking village map camera and movements, and try to get something as smooth as possible on every axis on mobile. Also reworked a bit animation when we enter the village. There are some issues with an invisible wall, not a problem in most cases.
NFT by ZeroDeathzZ
  • UI + wallet connect part is done
  • I uploaded all the stuff to ipfs and the smart contract is done, just remain to hookup with the frontend
  • Remain one day work
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