Weekly Update 06/02/2023

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Game Design — Working on Clan Feature — Updated Clan screen wireframes — Added Clan Search logic and wireframes — Started Clan creation screen — Started Clan Castle logic
Backend We’re still focusing on backend improvements for frontend use: — Continued reworking the rules list so the frontend can have the right IDs for resource types, facility types, unit types etc… — Working on opening the research center info into the rules in the most efficient way, to the frontend can show the different research paths
Frontend What I have done: — There were so many sequences on each event that it made it impossible for the compiler to reach what we wanted to achieve i.e resources amount. Fixed them. — Fixed around 27 errors and some bad calls in PlayerController Village i.e. Socket.IO all unauthorized connection request that was sending null and the compiler was stuck as it was called on Begin Play, Changed all the sequences in the controller that was not valid or sending null responses, as you can see in this video response 200 means nothing is coming back in response. For optimizing, The length of unnecessary code was skipped and it was switched back to the point. — UI was getting no response from the backend. Fixed that. — Changed the Game Mode for the village and switched it to a custom one. — Used URL processing to be handled at compile time so it is completely loaded on loading of a level.
2. What I will do: — Rendering API response on the UI.
3. Any Blockers: — No.
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