Weekly Update 26/08/2022

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Art by Juni

This week, I redid the Wall Segments. As mentioned last week, the previous one had issues in terms of making it 3D and optimizing it for mobile as Kermit brought up. So, I had to render a different set from the previous sketches. From the sketches, I made the steel frames more visible and had it make more sense. I also added a sort of platform like in Castle Walls where soldiers can stand guard.
Although I was confused at first when the team mentioned to add a doorway — I only added a small door on the middle wall segment, but what they wanted was a whole segment like that of a castle entrance. Good thing I was also able to save time no longer sketching and reusing the already rendered parts from the middle and corner wall segments to create an entryway segment. This concludes the building for this era. I’m really happy with the whole set!

Game design by Paul

Balancing Initial values for unit training costs in terms of resources and training time have been added. This, however, is subject to change eventually upon rebalancing, but the values are pretty much balanced. This also includes research level requirements, MKC, and building requirements
Builder Building queuing mechanics has also been explained in detail. This includes the rule that initially, the player can only construct or upgrade 1 building at a time. However, there is also an option for the player to add an extra builder per day using an item or MKC.
Shop Screen Added bundle shop card template. This enables us to sell item bundles within a limited timeframe. This is also useful for events or seasonal offers.
KPI Features List This list shows each feature that supports or targets specific KPIs. This also shows the main KPI target, and the secondary KPI target.
Quests Started setting up the quest’s logic. Determined the types of quests such as daily, weekly, monthly, and event quests. Specific quests to be added next.

BackEnd by Simon

Wallets and crypto operations are being fully implemented. 2 main use cases are in progress. The first one is the possibility to deposit MKC into the game from a CEX, DEX or any other wallets, every ape will have his own wallet and will be fully autonomous in their crypto operations and any other stuff billionaires do!
The second use case is of course the possibility to withdraw MKC from the game to outside (CEX, DEX, other wallets), bonus: fees will be paid in MKC!

Backend by Floffy and Igor

The backend team is working on three different features: - Guild implementation, that will give users the ability to create their own guild and invite their friends on it. We’re focusing on the data schema creation and its implementation in the code right now, and then we’ll focus on the implementation of rules.
- Resource theft after an attack. Right now, the computation for this part is pretty simple, so we’re making sure it follows at best the new game design implementation and that it will give us more flexibility for further tweaking.
-Barracks from the new game design. It’s still a work in progress, since we want to make sure it does not break anything in the game before we migrate to a “barracks-only” military training building design.

Frontend by Skatoony

This week I was porting all the new UI to the mobile project, solving upcoming errors after porting, and building a new version with final changes. I cleared the project a bit so we can have an organized project to work with. Cleaning the project gave me the opportunity to find some very nice ape models which allowed me to make a new main menu background with a walking ape. From backend, I implemented the new error 400 for when a facility is already producing troops as well as a few fixes here and there and that’s all for this week.

3D by Ignacio

I finished the Capuchin monkey with and without fur for the game version. This week, I worked on the retopology to have two low poly versions (one around 15k polys and the other around 4k), UVs, and textures for the fur and skin. For the marketing version, I finished the high poly details, did a 60k polygon version, and worked on the textures.

3D by Kermit

3D model of the Barracks finished ✅
Low poly of the Gorilla Stone Smasher finished ✅ Starting to add texture sooon 👀
3D model of the Orangutan Berserker finished ✅
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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