Weekly Update 14/08/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Backend By Floffy and Austin
  • We updated the Resources Storage vault, that now acts as a limiter for attacks, not as an external vault, so the users can still see their resources in the village base resources
  • Added new infos on item payloads, so the frontend team can know automatically on which feature each item is applied to
  • Corrected some small issues with some item effects (Blueprint and Extra Builder items were buggy)
  • Added some new infos in facilities being built, to improve experience
  • Updated some routing + added the documentation for Clans, so it can be used on the frontend experience
  • We’re working on adding a new Terrain -> the MKC Depot, that will allow users to attack and loot them for MKCs rewards
Frontend by Samy
  • This week I have been doing a wide range of different stuff : I needed to improve security on our build servers. There’s still room for improvement. I also had to repair a Linux system that could not boot anymore after an update (GRUB got sick).
  • As Chris implemented the new city level, I replaced buildings location, walls collisions, camera… well everything needed so the game is playable. We will look for further optimization, but right now Draw Calls are kept below 400. I also put some background on the worldmap, and limited the camera so it does not go outside of the playable area. I also imported 2 new characters.
  • I have been writting specs for a great update. Game will be easier and more enjoyable to play with. It also include bugfixes, for example Extra Builder which was never expiring, as I proceed to do more tests, especially on AI and Items. Also I am looking at Gauntlet, the Unreal Engine tool that can help automating the testing process.
  • I have been actively looking for a senior backend developer, if you are interested and have a lot of experience with our tech stack (NestJS, Redis,Postgres, REST API, Socket…) we would love to hear you !
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