Weekly Update 04/09/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • Marketplace: I added the merchant units and market offer claims. When a player claims a market offer and start trading with the offer creator, some merchant units will move from their village to the offerer village to do the trade. After that, I made the market offers compliant with the energy system
  • Unified different Join request calls in one api call (Clans)
  • Fix on instant constructions
By Furqan
  • I started this week, my first mission was to add a UI for our local stack, to overview the Redis db. Next step will be to add the same kind of UI for our tasks manager
By Floffy
  • Since the Beta went public last week, I took some focus on monitoring the possible bugs with our growing player base. I found a few and did some fixes to help our stability.
  • I continued the work on Raid attacks which is almost finished. Basically what I had to do was to take some parts of the existing attacks and make them more “generic” via a custom library, to help re-use it in the raid attacks. The last step is to do the attack processing which is in progress.
Frontend By Lings
  • The migration of Research and Unit Production API calls from blueprints to C++: This shift empowers our data to be independent from widgets, enhancing the overall modularity and flexibility of our system.
  • Introducing the Helper Widget: You can easily see what’s going on in your city, like idle building and builders.
  • Resolving a crash tied to the Building Clan Hall feature. Creating a more intuitive interface
  • Enhanced Battle Report. There are now more details in battle reports,like troops involved, troops dead, etc…
  • Introducing the search system for loot terrains and AI camps.
  • Working on debugging virtual keyboard issues on Android
  • We separated the tab menu for inventory/shop and the guild, allowing for smoother transitions between different sections of the application. There are tabs in menu. Guild system and menus are implemented but needs an API update before you can use it
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