Weekly Update 11/09/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • I added a check on researches when updating facilities. I also took the opportunity to add these rules in plain sight in the rules routes.
  • Removed an eager check on facilities for villages. Basically it will make a lot of payloads lighter for the frontend, removing data they don’t use.
By Furqan
  • After adding a Redis Insight interface for our local stack, I’ve been working on implementing the same kind of interface for our Bull tasks queue. After having some issues with it, I’m exploring alternative solutions. Next step is to work on new features
By Floffy
  • After a lots of testing, I finished the Raid Attacks. It’s now being integrated to the frontend stack, and soon Clan members will be able to launch grouped attacks !
  • Added some lother routes to show the last raid participations etc…
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