Weekly Update 15/05/2023

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Backend — Migrated our websockets stack from v2 to v4 — Disconnect the front from the websocket when the connected user has no village yet — Enhanced the relation between websockets handling and data handling in the Redis store — Migrated our Facilities creation delayed tasks to our new solution implementing Bull tasks — Migrated our Researches delayed tasks to our new solution implementing Bull tasks — Migrated our Attacks (attack handle + return to village) delayed tasks to our new solution implementing Bull tasks — Fixed a small access issue in the user’s energy computation
Frontend Lings — Faster world map drag — Village only focus on building if click/unclick in 0,5s (else it’s a drag to move), change minimap button in Village UI to back button if viewing building UI — Added base code for websockets support. — Better UI animation for main UI — Resource Collect Number Running effects — Fix Last Action Widget not valid, socket IO connect only if player have village.
3D Chris, our 3D artist is coming back to work. He is taking the lead on the 3D art, as we were only using placeholders until now. We can expect to have definitive 3D assets coming in. He reimported buildings he has made which will bring slight improvement to the village level. Samy Quite a weird week. While earlier in the week I could perfectly package the game on iOS, a lot of troubles came from nowhere. Unfortunately this happened few days after Apple didn’t accepted perfectly working build and I need to prepare new, perfect builds before I can continue to talk with Apple support regarding what is going on with our build on Testflight. Basically I had to update or reinstall most of my tools and do some tweaking on the Mac regarding MonkeyEmpire on iOS. I could solve most issues, but as we have been trying to use Socket.IO plugin new, bigger problems came in. Relying on Plugin is not ideal (not to say very far from ideal). So it looks like we will switch with the WebSockets plugin that is officially supported by Epic Games and ready to be used on all devices. Did some general polish and optimization like on shaders material for mobile but there are still more to optimize.
One good news thought : Private Beta is ready for Android 😉
I may release a version that’s playable on PC for the people who don’t have an Android device
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