Weekly Update 13/12/2023

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Backend team Austin
  • I finished the Ape Machines feature. The last part was to finish the Ape Machine use in battle, with its Hero Pilot. It’s now being reviewed and tested
  • I started working on the Crafting system, which is a new feature that will enable the craft of specific items, more on that next week !
By Floffy
  • I finished the collect system refacto, where I had the oportunity to simplify the Researches, Orders and Healing features. Now the updated backend stack that will be in production soon will be way lighter, since it helped us remove 3 microservices (and their corresponding docker containers) and some unnecessary temporary storages.
  • I’m also finishing the Building “hidden” collect system, that is a bit bigger to change than the other systems. In order to make it happen properly I had to change approximately 5 routes (and their associated code) and add a new one that will help the frontend check on the build statuses when necessary (at start up and when a build is finished, to trigger the corresponding changes).
  • Finally, I’m also taking this oportunity to make some simplifications on the way we handle the Extra builders, and merge two possible ways of doing that (manually with MKCs or by the help of an item)
By Floffy
  • Removed wallet connection button in header and added it in the profile page (once already connected)
  • Added an information message under the wallet address input, to inform if the current connected wallet is the same than the one registered in the data, and to save it otherwise
  • Added a Promo Links component to the profile page, linking to our Zealy Quests, Discord, X and Medium accounts
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