Weekly Update 18/09/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game design by Samy
It’s been quite some time I haven’t wrote anything on the Devblog. I have been preparing the next set of features, those ones will head us towards V1. I mostly finished designing remaining features :
  • Heroes. There are 4 types in total : Defensive that stay in your city, Slayers great to attack AI controlled camps and players, Resource Harvester that help you gather resources, and Ape Machine pilots. To recruit Heroes there’s a system with chest to open and unlock via Heroes Recruitment Cards (HRCs).
  • Ape Machines : Ape machines will help your troops for various tasks. You can have only 3 ape machine, one of each types : Resource transportation, Defensive machine, attacking machine. Those machines are built by apes engineers and can be upgraded with crafted components, and can also evolve to a more advanced one (for example Catapult, Balista, Trebuchet, Black Powder artillery then Main Battle Tank)
  • Clan buildings : Clans we be able to build infrastructure on the WorldMap, like the Clan Castle. It keeps some clan resources, troops, we give you the ability to wage war against other clans, etc… kind of like what apes in the jungle already do. Other infrastructures include resource depot, Clan Outpost… Those buildings will define what are the boundaries of you clan territories, and your territory can be extended by upgrading those buildings.
  • Finally the crafting system. You will be able to use a large number of components in order to craft items to improve your Main Hall, Heroes and Ape Machines.
The interesting part building a Blockchain powered game, and what sets MonkeyEmpire appart from its Web2 competitors, is that HRCs for Heroes, crafting components and crafted items are all NFTs and will fully belong to players. Other than that, I have been working with Florian setting up high level tickets for backend integration of features, starting by the Heroe system, Clan infrastructures is following next.
Backend team By Austin
  • After removing an eager check on facilities for villages, I did the same investigation on the village resources. This will avoid people being able to see other villages resources, and lighten payloads from unnecessary data.
  • I worked on the ingame mailing system (long-term messaging). Now users will be able to send mails to other villages, users, or their entire clan.
  • Now my focus is on the Heroes feature, which is a big feature that I started this week.
By Floffy
  • I checked and fixed some minor issues we had on recent features, after some more tests.
  • I developped a “chat” system (short-term messaging), to allow users to discuss in two different kind of channels. First one is the general channel, where everyone can send messages, and second one is the clan channel, where you can chat with the other members of your clan. Chat history is limited here to avoid heavy loads, messages older than 10mn are removed on the general chat, while for the clan chats it’s 3 days.
  • I also worked on testing and adapting our first Testnet implementation, which is working fine. The next steps are to connect the internal wallets to the user’s village’s MKC, the goal being -> the user transfers MKCs to their internal wallet, then the MKCs pop up in their village.
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