Weekly Update 04/10/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • I was a bit off the past week, but I continued working on the Heroes feature. I’m now adding the Hero creation (by burning a card), burning cards for other purposes, unlocking skills and leveling up (skills and heroes).
By Floffy
  • Finished the Clan Castle feature. Now the clan leader can create a Clan Castle and launch attacks with it, every clan member can transfer resources and units to it. I also added the descriptor for all levels and their permissions, next step is to add the level updgrade.
  • To enable the Clan Castle attacks and in preparation for the other types of attack elements (clan outpost, clan terrain), I had to do a refactor on the Battle system. Otherwise it would have been too unorganized to add new elements. Now the system itself is a set of methods, that are used by starter methods, applied to all battle launchers. With this system we can launch attacks with Villages and Clan Castle, and chose which target (village, clan castle, outpost, terrain...). This pair of attacker/defender is then passed through a check to see if this attack is possible, then launched. It will also be useful when integrating the heroes to the attacker units.
  • I also added methods to see the Clan Castle infos, and the attacks sumarries.
  • Created a utils library that will be used widely in the stack, and does not do any import from the project, to add utils methods, for example on geo (coordinate types) or timings (shortcuts for hours in milisecond etc...). It will avoid having too much circular dependencies when building.
  • Continued working on the tesnet integration, I’m now testing our brand new Arbitrum implementation of the MKC token, and adding the first brick -> transfering MKCs from an external wallet, directly into the village
Our NFTs are live on Arbitrum, so we’re finally native Arbitrum. The mint is possible only if you have received a WL, don’t hesitate to join our discord for more info.
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