Weekly Update 10/07/2023

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  • Hello, for the backend team, we continued the work on the map resource terrains. Now that we implemented the new terrains and all the rules that goes around them, we’re adding it into the battle system, so the users can attack a terrain an loot resources
  • Next steps will be to do the same with Outposts, which are non-lootable terrains, only a place to battle an AI troop and win some items
Apple does not authorize http connection on iOS without specific configuration… a “s” was missing in the code to get https. Game works on iPhone. We won’t release an update yet, as we are working on implementing new functionalities only available on the dev server. When Beta server will also get those new features we will release the game on both Testflight and Google Play Beta. List of features include items storage, a shop to buy items with MonkeyCoin, hospital building, research center, AI camps to defeat to earn items, and Resource Terrain to conquer so you can harvest resources… if nobody attacks you in the meantime ! Attack algorithm and Walls has been tweaked. It will be our biggest update.
Other than that, It’s been a struggle with the Mac I use to release the game on iOS : my IDE Rider is not generating C++ files properly anymore, so I am using Xcode (not great with Unreal Engine) while I reported the issue. Worldmap assets are too detailed and resource hungry, so I created LODs for them even thought they are just placeholders.
Worldmap takes much less resources to display now. We will investigate for an optimized way to handle the worldmap as we are revamping it with definitive assets.
I have been tweaking some materials and could partially solve the pixelated texture issue. But it is less optimized. I know we can get a good results without sacrificing performance, but takes time to investigate so I will do it only when we get definitive ingame assets and textures
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