Weekly Update 07/11/2022

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Game Design & Production Updated Items and Boosters list. New items were added, and edited some item descriptions and effects. Updated the Quests list, type, requirements, distributing rewards, and the Quest Window UI wireframe and created a couple of new Tickets — related to Items & Boosters, Truce Period, Quests, etc.
Infra team - Few enhancements regarding the network capabilities of the servers; a good ape needs to communicate
Analytics - new analytics database has been raised from the ground! Apes need to know how the other apes play and interact - Connection, number of simultaneous players, attacks per day …. #forzaApes
Tech team - We have a new engineer, Jordan, joining the team very soon. He will help us work on our new features and backend architecture and help us scale our user base.
Backend team - New map tiles system in progress - Naming characters/city limit - Some fixes like the battle system result, the renaming of barracks, etc… - Also working on perf issues, trying to add a better concurrency load on our base exposition layer
Front end team This week we added new buildings in the game. There are apes walking around your city on the mobile version, and added a bit more details.
3D team - Main hall high poly is done.
Started to experiment with stable diffusion 1.4, an artificial intelligence that creates art based on text and some other parameters to create the first concept art of the new monkey troops; got a ton of interesting results, sharing some with you.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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