Weekly Update 09/10/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game design By Samy
This is my devblog for the past weeks.
  • I have been working on designing Heroes and all the system around it, added more details and functionalities to clan features.
  • I have sketched some menus for chat/messaging system, etc…
  • I also set up the abse for the crafting system and Ape Machines. Ape Machines are created by the smartest ape engineers and will add diferent kind of bonuses. They can be used to gather more resources, help you in combat, or defend your village.
Backend team By Austin
  • Continuing the work on Heroes. I’m now focused on two things. First thing is adding Heroes in the Attack flow, so a hero can lead units into battle. It requires to change a few things in the sent payloads, but also to add new attack “boosts” on the units depending on the hero’s capabilities, before computing the attack result. Second thing is adding a hero in the wall, to do the same for defense.
By Floffy
  • Finished the crypto first integration with Arbitrum. The MKC token is now available on an arbitrum testnet and we’re plugged to it with the simplest experience ever for the players, they just have to transfer MKCs to their internal wallet and then see new MKCs appear in their village
  • Now players can see their wallet (address and balance) and see the transfers they’ve done or that are pending. Basically when a player transfers MKCs to his wallet from an outside wallet, it’s caught in the backend and the transfer starts to be driven by us. The MKCs first arrive in the player’s individual wallet. Then they’re transfered to the main game wallet, and in the meantime the MKCs are added to the village’s resources, making them usable to buy items etc… Next step will be to withdraw MKCs from the village, for that we’re defining the best experience possible.
  • Created a new utilitary service that enables giving resources or items to a user/village or clan castle. This will be widely used by the incoming features such as quests, events etc…
  • Started working on the Clan Outpost feature, more to come soon but this will come as an addition to Clan Castles in the whole Clan Territory.
Frontend By Samy
  • I have been hunting for a few bugs, prepare some updates release.
  • Upgraded project to latest Unreal Engine 5.3 and it should solve some bugs on mobile platform
By Lings
  • Correct Units resource cost value .
  • Separate Function Show Message with a parameter type 0 for error and type 1 for succession message
  • Chat UI fix on click focus, Opacity will be 1 and when out of focus it will blur to 0.2.
  • Open Wallet address menu when clicking + MKC button
Blockchain By Samy
  • I have been setting up some thing on our server, in order to run an Arbitrum Nova node on it.
  • On the Blockchain side of things : I worked with Zerodeath — who was our level designer a long time ago but became a web3 dev after he became a bit too curious about the MonkeyCoin — setting up the webapp for our NFTs. More info here :
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