Weekly Update 13/02/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design
  • Worked on Clan Castle (logic)
  • Created LiveOps Roadmap draft in Sheets
  • Tested current game build
  • Started QA Checklist
Backend For the backend team we worked on several additions and continued working on features: — We finished our work on adding the IDs in the rules — We’re continuing our work on the Research Center display rules — For the Inventory feature, we finished the boilerplate/logic code for the inventory & items, and we’re going to push soon the rules part. After that we’ll add the routes and we’ll be done for this feature
Frontend What I have done: — Rendered resource values in the world and village maps from the API by revising the BP structure. 2. What I will do: — Re-building the code architecture and revising the BP structures by replacing the VaRest with C++. 3. Any Blockers: — No.
Trailer The trailer is finished, it will be released soon and will also be adapted for marketing content. Here are some pictures to fill your impatience.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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