Weekly Update 03/07/2023

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Backend by Floffy
  • improved our websocket system, preparing it for the next implementations.
  • worked on the map resource terrains, after new changes brought to the deisgn system that will add new ways to interact with the terrains. Players don’t choose where their first village is, and is placed randomly in a chosen zone excluding the center. Example :
Zone to choose for players : North East, North West, South East, South West, West and East. Zones are Rectangle with coordinates : NW : (0;0);(26;24) NE : (29;17);(63;0) West : (22;26);(0;44) SW : (21;45);(0;63) SE : (25;41);(63;63) E : (40;39);(63;19)
It’s look like that on the frontend (still place holders to test the feature)
Frontend by Lings
  • Item component that handle the logic, calling rest api and store player’s Item data.
  • In game widget that depend on the Item component.
  • Make and load variable from Static Map. Create python script to update the static map data.
  • Replace Create New Village with simple tile info widget, redo world map interact/ drag logic.
  • Create the new block/ region based village creation widget and implement its logic.
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