Weekly Update 30/07/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development


We have done 2D Concept Art Rendering for Capuchin, Chimp and Gorilla characters. Same regarding the MonkeyCoin mine building. Last buildings will be finished shortly.

Game Design

All troop statistics and combat algorithm were changed : Military units will now be produced in the Barracks and other military buildings will be removed. By doing so we have done initial balancing. Attack algorithm is much more complex but also more interesting, and will let us introduce troops with AoE (Area of Effect) type of damage. Added Wall Defense and Hospital mechanics & wireframes in the game design : Troops with Wall Defense bonus can be healed instead of dying for half the cost of troop production.


Monkey Empire can interact with the Blockchain through a micro service. It is now finished and can be easily plugged with any Blockchain ! A system to exchange resources between villages has been implemented. It will require a marketplace in the city to work in the future.


Many UI fixes : there is now a menu for the research center. The attack menu on PC had only Clubape units. We started to implement the new UI : - Make buttons/text input/text interactable - Update texts with correct ones (resources, name, etc). There are still parts of the old UI in the game. New Worldmap : We now use Hexagon tiles. We have replaced assets used to show players village, it was a very unoptimised one and was responsible for crashes on mobile if you had too many of them on the screen. Players should see a star above cities that they own, but a bug was making the star invisible. This is now solved. As game design evolved, some unused buildings were removed from the building list. A lot of small bug fixes : Players village list works again. Audio mute now works for all sounds, not only the music . Villages couldn’t load if the camera didn’t move, this is now solved. Building upgrade is now fully functional. Small shader fix. The game is running in the Unreal Engine editor on a Mac right now ! We will be able to export the game on Mac OS, than iOS easily

Level design

Improved Lumen performance. Improved shadows performance. Removed all blockout stuff & cleaned the the map. Fixed spaces and glitches had in walls. Lowered the vram usage to fix texture over pool, now textures only take around 1.5GB vram.
**Now we have the same performance we had back in UE4 with UE5 Lumen. It’s a 35%+ boost of performance. (55FPS to 90FPS+ tested on 3060 on max settings without DLSS)

3D character

Reworked ape body and face to adapt it to the concept art. Added some small details in the face. Started working a blockout of the fur.

3D buildings

Finalized main building lvl 4


Now available for those 4 great indicators : 1) the economist -> richest player 2) the scientist -> player with the most advanced village 3) the warlike -> player who attacks the most on a period of Time (all Time, month, week, day) 4) the stealer-> player who steals the most resources on a period of Time (all Time, month, week, day) Design still in progress but datas are correct !
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day. See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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