Weekly Update 17/07/2023

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Backend by Floffy
  • We finished a first version of map terrains placement and added a few migration steps to migrate the map easily on the current servers (remove the old Automated Villages system and add new map terrain tiles in the map)
  • We reworked the battle system to enable the possibility for users to attack a map terrain to control it after.
  • We added the terrain control -> the remaining units after the attack to a terrain start looting its resources and then come back to the village.
  • We reworked the attack computation to follow the new rules. The attack result is now fully compliant.
  • We added a blocking check when attacking a village, to see if the village has unblocked the “conquest” research and how many terrains they can attack/loot in the same time.
  • We added a “terrain summary” that needs a bit of rework but lists all the terrains being looted by the village.
  • We started working on AI Outposts, a specific type of map terrains where the attacking village loots Items instead of resources
Next steps:
  • rework the items system to make it compliant to the game design
  • finish the AI outposts
  • enable the possibility of attacking a terrain being looted
Art by Chris
I’m working on the new icons that will be used for the items, for the moment the menu is an older place to test the features.
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