Weekly Update 10/04/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Backend — Worked on a solution to maintain idle-free TCP connections between our services, to avoid timeouts. Also added timeout safeguards in TCP calls to always have a response. — Working on multiple stabilizations in various features like Orders, Attacks and resource Collection — Create internal documentations on MKC storage vaults, for a better understanding in the frontend team
Frontend — Buildings aren’t build instantly anymore, had to rework that part to show the difference. — Click and Collect has been made again from scratch and shows a special effect. — Touch input has been updated a second time. It’s day and night compared to what we had before. — Energy bar is now working for real (there’s was one, but not used) — Paved the way to produce troops in the barracks, will finish and test implementation soon as we’ve discovered a bug preventing troops production on server side — Login menu will remember last username you used — After creating a village, load village level automatically like in previous version : from what I have tested it can be sometimes slow to load, I’ll see later how it can be improved. — If you don’t meet condition to build facilities, it will be greyed out — We are working on the new worldmap integration. — Fixed a lot of errors/warning in order to package the game (trying Android for now) — re-implemented attack menu
Website We are making progress on the integration of the new website, it should be live in a big week. You will be able to create your account and participate to the events.
Early Player Program An optimized version of the game is coming soon, in order to increase our number of players to launch the token to the public in good conditions, we will soon launch the early player program. - the first players will be rewarded - lottery will be held to offer rewards to the players - leaderboards will be launched to reward the best players. We will take the opportunity to slowly unveil our beautiful trailer, we are very impatient. More info very soon, get ready friends!
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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