Weekly Update 06/11/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • I finished the Achievement feature. Since key actions are tracked for the player’s progress, they’re now notified when an achievement has been reached and can claim it to get the reward.
  • Fixed an issue with hero assignment to attacks + added the the listing.
  • Now I’m starting to work on Ape machines, more on that next week !
By Floffy
  • I’m working on a new feature: Quests. It basically works towards the same goal than achievements but are not built on the same logic -> even if they take their input on the player progress logs, there are a lot of quests and they can be re-done daily, weekly or monthly, whereas achievements are a one-time thing. I started by creating all the descriptors for the quests, and organize them so we can find them. Then I added some cumulative methods to help compute the results, and now I’m implementing the checking and claiming system.
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