Weekly Update 11/09/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design By Paul
Created the Quest Screen HUB wireframe. Now, there are progress indicators and claim buttons for quest rewards.
Updated balancing for Buildings and Quests. Added new variable EP or “Empire Points.” EP is like the EXP that the player earns within the game from activities like building, upgrading, and researching. The Player gains a Level from earning a certain number of EP. Also started a “Level Table” with placeholder values.
Backend by Simon
The new bot is live! No heist will pass under the twitter’s watch ! Follow @ape_alert : and do not meet the heist of the day ! You will soon get all the info about the Ape Alert project, be ready for that.
Another new bot is almost Ready, leaderboard Will refresh Every 12hours … keep yourself motivated, $MKC will be dropped everyweek to the best players …
Backend by Floffy and Igor
Building upgrade fix done - We added the military transfer feature, allowing us to send some units from one village to another (from the same user) and using their travel time to make it more realistic - New barracks + new units are done (based on the new game design) - Now, we’re focusing on two things: - The new roadmap we’ve created to finish all the features that need a backend interaction so that we can be one step ahead for the v1 - Testing the new login to make sure everyone has an email and is reachable if they win some $$MKC$$ during our cool events
Frontend by Beumonkey
Restarted village level from 0. Going with something very basic and simple. There are two reasons: let everyone play even with less powerful devices. Optimization is one of the latest steps in game development, so that we won’t get great performance yet. It is also much better for game development: we have removed a lot of junk from the project. It is now much easier to package the game on different platforms as we support many of them.
This new level will be improved over time. In the future, you will be able to build everywhere, not only on specific slots.
On the PC version, we use Nanite assets. Nanite is a new technology from Unreal Engine 5 that lets you display very high-quality 3D assets with outstanding performance at any distance.
It does not work on mobile yet, but I took a downgraded version of those assets.
Frontend by Skatoony
This week I had to go over all Mobile UI once again cause it wasn’t scaled up enough, making pressing some of the buttons difficult, so that had to be changed. I also re-designed the Login UI for Mobile and Register Page for both Mobile&PC.
For PC, I also added new music in level and SFX for all buttons, giving nice game feedback to the player and adding sound effects for errors.
For both Mobile and PC, I added text feedback for Login and Register, so next time when you will Register/Login and something is wrong, you will know that seeing a message on the screen. For the PC version, I fixed some bugs on the Messages List that showed you some messages even if you didn’t have any.
Still, for the PC version, I made it so you can see active matches even in Village Map, not just on World Map.
3D by Kermit
Finished 3D model of the hospital, the monkey won’t get sick anymore
Currently working on the hex world map with a ‘’shader rendering system’’ the idea is to pre-render the shadow, grass, and vegetation directly onto the hex mesh to give the impression of volume without adding any vertices and optimizing it for mobile.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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