Weekly Update 07/08/2023

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Backend team
  • We reached our final step on the new clans system, and are reviewing it before releasing it to the frontend team
  • We added a “map search” feature, that will allow a user to search specific elements around their village -> terrains like Banana depots, Stone depots etc.. and AI Outpost, or simply villages inside a specific radius, with a specific level, so it can be targeted for an attack or loot.
  • We added a new Global Summary, that sums up all the infos concerning attacks around a village, like all the attacks done or in progress, same for the attacks suffered, but also the different attacks and loots done to terrains
  • We’re still working on the terrains additions (attacking a terrain already being looted), but it’s a bit of a challenge to do it the clean way, without breaking the existing architecture around attacks
  • Next steps: clan raids + resource storage vault v2
Frontend team
By Samy
  • We welcome Victor this week ! Glad to see our team growing. He is a talented 3D artist, and will help us having a beautiful game soon.
  • I have setup tasks to improve general UX. For example checking Resource Terrains and AI camps level and searching the ones near your village automatically.
  • On the game design side I did a quick pass to improve game balance, and also making progress much faster at the beginning so you can quickly get your hands on the new features.
  • Finally, on the DevOps side, I have been writing a script to automatically build and package the game on Android, on our new build server.
By Emeric
Troup System improvements
  • rework on the duration and troup position when disconnect and reconnect.
  • Add a placeholder UI to show village attacking which village -enemy troup is working but need to add link with websocket to be in real time
  • Add number of unit send in the troop widget
  • Fix password button resolution
  • add some level of detail on 3d meshes in the village -rework lightning in the village (color)
Base Game
  • Prevent water mountain and forest to be touchable -Resize some button (Cross/Exit)
  • Now when we click on find village it will automatically close the find village UI (prevent overlaping UI)
  • Edit Base Building UI, now the building information is full screen
Shop / Inventory rework
  • Add icon
  • Fix name text
  • Ui rework
3D by Victor
New Resource Depot
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