Weekly Update 22/05/2023

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Backend by Floffy
  • Started migrating our stack from NestJS v7 to v9. A lot of changes were needed to complete this and we’re testing all the features now to make sure it works the same way.
  • Since was not a good match for our realtime messaging system, we also migrated to a simpler WS system. Next steps will be to link this to our Redis store
Frontend by Samy
  • There’s a team misunderstanding on the worldmap where “Empty tiles” and “plains” are not the same thing, while they have the exact same appearance on the frontend. In reality there are only “plains” where we can build a village on. How the worldmap has been made you can only create a village on an “Empty Tile” and not on “Plains”, so I put a placeholder assets on “Plains” so you can differentiate both and create a village without issue. This will be changed with following backend update and the new worldmap.
  • Game is packaged in a way to support PlayStore and their auto-update system.
  • Game is being reviewed on the Google Playstore ! On the Apple side I did everything well but they encounter issues to release latest build on Testflight and I am in talk with Apple support.
  • Did some minor polish here and there (added new icon set, loading screen and stuff).
  • URL changed to connect on the new Beta server !
Frontend by Lings
  • Use int32 for village ID solving village creation issue
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