Weekly Update 26/09/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Frontend by Beumonkey: - Camera collision fixed - Added foliage in the city - Reduced CityLevel file size by 40MB on mobile version
Frontend by Skatoony: This week, I started adding timers for the attack and progress bars. Players will now be able to track the duration of an initiated attack. I re-worked some of the Attack Report Menu so that players can see if they lose or win a battle. New players will have to enter a valid email address when registering, otherwise they won’t be able to create a new account. I also fixed some bugs regarding touch/click while Battle/Message Menus are open + a few other minor bugs/edits.
Backend by Floffy and his team: - For the new game design’s barracks, we’re working on backward compatibility for unit orders (basically giving the ability, for example, for a level 7 barrack to order level 5 units. Until today we could only order units from the same level of building capability). - We are investigating how to integrate a “queue” system on barrack orders (right now when you place an order, the facility is busy, but we should queue the other orders, etc.) - We helped the crypto team integrate the new wallet generation.
Blockchain by Igor: This week, we continue building our blockchain environment around withdrawal. The aim is to propose the best secure experience for our players! Let’s get rich by having a secure wallet.
NFT and Bot by Simon: - Want to be part of the community? NFTs are on the way. You will soon have more info about this nice collection. Twitter attacks log: - No one is interested in how much wood was stolen; what we want to know is… HOW MUCH MONEY was stolen! Bot now only displays stolen money, at $1Billion MC. follow us :
3D by Kermit: Research center, high poly in progress:
We finished the optimisation of the hexs for the worldmap and also backed all of the shadowing to optimise it even more. Some shadowing is even going outside of the hex.
The goal was to create an illusion where no one sees the hex delimitation, which is working quite well. I learned a ton of tricks to make the worldmap look good. This version is really good but I’m confident I can get something even better. With all the knowledge accumulated, this will improve as time goes on. I then worked on some secret stuff I can’t show to the public yet, hehe.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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