Weekly Update 19/09/2022

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Backend By Simon Bot New feature the ape_alert bot: MKC is good, money is better …. When MKC is stolen, it’s the inheritance from your grandmother that is stolen!​
Backend At MonkeyEmpire, we like bots, you know it … but not when it comes to playing the game! Register now with an email, secure yourself and the rest of the players.
Backend by Floffy
Now working on the new game design updates, our focus was mainly on the new barracks, the removal of the previous military buildings and the previous military units. The goal now is to make everything work in the battle and the orders
We merged the military transfer route
We’re gonna retest and merge the new login with mandatory email, so our users can have a proof when winning at the leader board and other major events
Blockchain by Igor
This week, I worked with Avalanche wallet creation task. I have added the logic for wallet creation and now testing with flow, I will create PR this weekend.
This is like a trading bot where a new address is generated, then coins are transferred to this address instantly, then after a few seconds, coins are moved to a new global wallet. This way, this new address is just used for temporary purposes to hold the user’s funds.
Frontend by Skatoony
This week I implemented new music and SFX on mobile.
I added the ability on both PC and mobile to turn off/on the SFX and music. I added the message system on mobile and active matches too — both are now visible on mobile version.
Frontend by Beumonkey
This week: I continue working on the village level. I didn’t want to lose too much time on optimisation, but I still wanted to get as many people as possible playing the game… So, I did. As long as your device is compatible with Unreal Engine 5, it should run very quickly. There’s still room for improvement, like not using Unreal Engine Landscape but a mesh for the terrain, or optimising network code that has some issues (being solved by Skatoony).
The only 2 plugins we used were not detected by my IDE (= software to write code) on Linux. I use JetBrains Rider; it’s the best to use with Unreal Engine but it’s still pretty new and we can sometimes expect a few difficulties to setup. Not only is MonkeyEmpire going to be released on Linux, but my productivity has slightly improved as I now have all my tools in the same place and don’t need to reboot on Windows — a much slower, unstable, and insecure alternative, the later one being a big issue for anyone involved in the cryptospace.
I am working on a small tool to do time conversion. It will be used everywhere, like showing how much time your troops need to come back from a city you attacked, or when your building upgrade will be finished (yes, it won’t be instantaneous like it is now).
3D by kermit and is team
High poly fur of the Orangutan nearly finished
High poly fur of the Gorilla finished
Here you can find the shader used for the fur. As mentioned in the previous devblog, we use hair cards for better optimisation.
3D model of the monkeycoin mine done
I spent my whole week working on the worldmap. Once I was pleased with the result, I started optimising every asset, so I can happily say that this render will run on mobile.
The new worldmap will have a ton of new exiting features, depending on where you stand on the map, you will have a boost in resources, and the troops will have to get around the water, potentially taking more time to attack a village.
Some random assets of the worldmap optimised, from 20k tris to 300 tris.
This once went from 11k to 3k tris.
High poly asset was 30k tris, and this one is 448 tris.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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