Weekly Update 24/04/2023

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
  • route to get my user + added some informations in its payload
  • added finish informations on orders to have more data to display
  • transformed some game rules data formats
  • fixes in the blockchain microservice
  • big changes: now we serve every date in the data we have with a unix time equivalent
  • new orders listing with a inProgress filter for each facility
  • Big cleanup on Perforce, our VCS (Version Control Software). The old PC based Battleground was still living there…
  • Replaced old assets with new ones, especially buildings, and rescaled them
  • Replacing some placeholder (login menu, create a village popup…)
  • Solved a bug where terrain was generated two times due to old BluePrint code conflicting with new C++ code
  • Added new icons
  • Reworked project folder structure
  • Light worldmap assets optimizations (especially forest tile)
  • Horrible bug solved, where the Worldmap level lost reference to Worldmap assets : We could only load the Worldmap from one specific Workspace (the local folder where we have project files) successfully, where reference was still there. Our VCS was not able to understand what was happening and solution was to re-upload the Level to our repository.
Our artist is currently redoing the assets of the world map as well as the village map, we will slowly replace the place holder of the game to put in place the final assets
Our new website is live, don’t forget to join our “Early player program” which ends tomorrow link here :
Next steps
We are happy to announce the release of the Private Beta 2 in a few if we do not encounter any major bug, everything should go well normally but you know the vagaries of development 🙃
Very nice things are coming for the project, we are looking forward to release the game and start the events for the players.
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