Jeff Nowak

Software engineer with over a decade of experience in AI, IoT, and Web3, Jeff offers founders strategic advisory and GTM expertise. He has worked with top blockchain projects including Filecoin, IPFS, R3, Polygon, KCC, Telos, and more, with a focus on collaborative innovation that results in mass adoption.
Maven Capital Maven Capital empowers early stage founders building the next generation of Web3 technology through expertise in GTM strategy, community development, and ecosystem growth. Sky Wee Managing Partner - VC , Crypto Influencer & AdvisorATF Capital & Elevate Ventures Sky Wee is a Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Partner of VC, Crypto Influencer, Advisor in the Web3 Space.
Sky Wee works closely with venture partners like LDA Capital, Elevate Ventures and ATF Capital. Sky Wee has secured over $45 million in funding for an outstanding portfolio of 40+ projects. Official Influencer of Binance, showcasing his exceptional expertise and impact in the industry.


Co-Founder and CEO @ Kalao - Business Development
Formerly Head of Strategy in luxury industry. Over a decade of global business leadership, held executive level positions spanning strategy, business development and operations in retail industries.


Co-Founder @ Overdrive - Business Development
Nassim has 8 years experience as financial engineer. He worked 4 years as blockchain associate specializing in management of large-scale transformation projects for multiple banks.


Co-Founder and CPO @ Kalao
Crypto enthusiast and former CPO in multiple VR project, Anthony is now focused on delivering frictionless and effortless blockchain products.
Crimson Chimp, Head of Strategy ApeSwap As Head of Strategy Crimson has built out the Launch Bond strategy ApeSwap provides as a turnkey solution for projects to raise liquidity while doing their public sale round. Furthermore, he’s helped countless protocols tailor their tokenomics to not only be beneficial for attracting early-stage investment but also gear their protocol towards long-term sustainability and success.
Boba Jan Business Development ApeSwap Business Developer at ApeSwap helping with building and sustaining real long-lasting partnerships which provide intrinsic value to any protocol working with ApeSwap. He has worked with top blockchain projects including Floki, Telos, Froyo, ChainGuardians, Reaper and many more.


Project manager @ Markchain
Crypto investor since 2017, Florian is currently project manager at Markchain, the leading communication agency in the crypto-currency industry in France. They have notably accompanied the biggest French token sales (Pokmi, Winkyverse, Akt...)
Gaurang Torvekar Indore & metalinq CEO Blockchain development and Smart Contract security professional
I am the Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, a Coding Assessment Platform. Active in the Blockchain space for 5+ years, this is my second Blockchain startup. I have been writing Smart Contracts on Ethereum even before the Mainnet was launched.
Fabrizio DappRadar Gaming Partnerships Manager

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Ingencom - IT Infrastructure