Weekly Update 03/10/2022

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Game Design by Paul: Started detailing the Main Hall mechanics, information, and wireframing. Adjusted the balancing sheets — added missing info descriptions, formulas, and values. Added the “Training” research which decreases troops’ training time.
Concept Art from Juni: For this week, I was tasked to redo 2 concepts and create 2 new ones. I’ve done 1 sketch each for the Iron Mine, Sawmill, Storage Vault, and Main Hall compared to 3 studies each previously to save time so that the game will be nearer completion. I have also completed the rough render (now half the time for rendering) for Sawmill.
However, the Iron Mine sketch needed to be redone. Though I made it similar to the art guide, it did look too much like the MKC Mine. So, I had to rework it with Kermit’s nice idea to have a hole and wheel going down the ground. I decided to create a much higher mine so that it can be very easily distinguished from the Quarry (aside from the color difference). I’ve also added elements to make it unique to the MKC Mine and Quarry. In addition to this, the Main Hall also needed rework, and I was asked to make the scale look grander — so, I added and revised a bunch of new elements that create that feel.
All in all, everything is working great for the new buildings.
Backend from Floffy and Igor: For the backend team, the main focus this week was preparation for the incoming Beta: - A lot of bug solving; we had some merging issues linked to our future features to solve and some strengthening work on our user password encryption to do - Final tests on the new Barracks, new units (20 new units, and removal of previous ones), and the battle system - Merge of the new login (with email verification) - Improvements on our “rules balancing” system to make sure our teams can easily change simple rules in the code (units production costs, characteristics, barracks levels, etc…) without touching the rest of the code
NFT and Architecture by Simon Nft updates : — building a good collection takes time … so imagine about a perfect one … ! Nft Will Still be released. Infrastructure : — crypto backend was too powerful for our AWS infrastructure ! We switched to bigger for bigger apes!
Frontend by Beumonkey: I was out for a week as I was at the Mainnet event, which was great. The village level remake has been finished on both PC and mobile. It still needs more love, especially on the PC version, but this is just a placeholder level anyway. I spent a lot of time on optimisation on the level design side — more than what’s usually needed at this stage, but we wanted to share the game to as many people as we can. There are some other optimisations regarding code and networking that will come later but Skatoony did a good first pass on it. So, don’t worry if it’s still “laggy”, things will continue to get better over time. I fixed some camera collision issues, did some cleanup (but still need some more), and could reduce the city level size by 40MB.
Frontend by Skatoony: I managed to set up sounds and music properly, fix tutorial bugs, and now I’m working on moving a plugin into the game’s main content folder.
3D from Kermit: Finished 3D model of the research center
Finished HairCards Fur of the Capucin
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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