Weekly Update 26/06/2023

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Game design By Samy
This week I got back on game design. Troops and combat system is going to evolve a lot overtime as I balance it. I took the time to finish a good base system : Units defense points we used were temporary. So I made a good first pass. Wrote conditions for units being sent in Hospital, and healing cost In the combat algorithm there were some randomness involved. I made it fully deterministic so no jurisdiction can say that we are operating a “casino” type of game. Monkey Empire is, and always will be a skill based MMO Strategy game. Tweaked walls impact on troops.
Backend team: By Jordan
  • Fixed an issue in resource collection
  • Finished the resources vault
  • Finished the new wall
By Floffy
  • Finalized the new static map. Now the new map system is in test in dev environment, with a reusable static map (+ map blocks) template for all servers, and dynamic elements being placed in this area (like villages)
  • To handle map features easily, created a map library that can be reused accross all our services
  • Villages are now positioned randomly in a defined block when created
  • Worked on a new truce period rules implementation + showing which villages are in truce in the map tiles paylaod
Frontend team: By Samy
With the new map system update, we are going to replace placeholders with something more definitive, meaning it would make sense to optimize the game. As such I took some time to get back into a bit of 3D, playing with materials, and learn more about profiling for mobile games. This will help me optimize the game as soon as we get definitive assets. It will also help me rework textures that looks pixelated on mobile
By Lings
Worldmap has changed. Now villages will spawn randomly in a zone you choose. Items, Research and Hospital menus are all implemented and should be functional, will be tested over next server update. You can see healing progress in Hospital
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