Weekly Update 16/10/2023

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Backend By Austin
  • Finished the Heroes in battle implementation (currently in review). Now Heroes can be sent into battle with the troops and impact them positively on multiple aspects: attack, defense, speed, health… The main trick here was to integrate with the battle system (that has become a big microservice) but only impact the battles led by Heroes (so led by villages).
  • Next step will be continuing this implementation with Ape Machines
By Floffy
My focus was mainly on logs, and preparing the impact of logs for the Quests and Clans.
  • Created a new MongoDB collection for Clan logs. Every important action made to a clan is entered into it. I added a new nestjs library to interact easily with it via a set of methods to log a new entry, and read the clan’s log.
  • Created a new MongoDB collection for Player logs. It pretty much works the same way but focuses on the player itself. We log attacks, orders, healing, facility collects, resource terrain loots, researches, facility creation or upgrade, items usage, and “instant” actions. There is also a library to interact with it. This will, for example, be very helpful when implementing Quests, and improve game balancing.
I also worked and finished other implementations:
  • Finished the Clan Outposts feature, now Clans can have outposts in addition to their castle, and lead attacks through it.
  • Fixed an issue with collects
By Simon
NFT integration :
  • Apes won’t be all the same after this update … nft integration for profile pictures has arrived
  • Be unique
  • Provide special abilities
Next step :
  • Consumable nft
By Lings
  • Add widget to Show Research Conditions when selecting research to start Change to use facility upgrade dependencies from hardcoded datatable to using API Upgrade condition include resource condition.
  • reformat Research name and Facility Name in research condition into pascal case.
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