Weekly Update 24/10/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design and Production by Paul A few new tickets were made, mainly related to Map Logic, like Tiles and Terrain types. Some further balancing was done for Building construction and upgrade (updated details on resources consumed and produced, and requirements), Working on the logic for Player and Enemy Troop color coding (blue for player’s troops, red for enemies). Also in progress: new Terrain Bonus logic and Tile Groups.
Backend from Floffy, Simon and Ivan - The main focus was the Beta release, working with the Infra team to have a strong uptime and codebase, so we released some minor fixes after our first tests. - We also added an attack-in-progress notification in the village endpoint to make sure the players know when he is under attack - Now, we’re continuing this work and working with Paul on the V1 roadmap
Blockchain by Igor - Added transfer history to MKC transactions - Added an initial version of withdraws to external wallets
Front-end by Skatoony This week’s first days, I worked on beta adjumsents/bug fixes, and after the beta release, I started optimizing front-end calls.
Front-end by Beumonkey Spent most of my time preparing to launch beta: Doing some quick fixes and re-packaging/distributing the game on every platform.
Most of the steps to get on the Apple AppStore have been done. This process has been quite painful. On the Android side, it’s much easier and faster; the game is mostly ready to be deployed on the Google Playstore.
3D by Kermit The low poly model of the Banana Farm is ready.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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