Weekly Update 10/10/2022

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Concept Art by Juni
This week, I accomplished 3 rough renders: Iron Mine, Storage Vault, and Main Hall. Everything went very smoothly. The only challenge was rendering the main hall with the time constraint of 1 day. I was really anxious about it since last week, but I’m glad it still went smoothly. The team and I have some concerns regarding the epoch, but so far, the team seems to like the current version of the building concept art.
Game Design & Production by Paul
Defined Main Hall specifications and mechanics with more detail and updated wireframes. Created a more detailed logic for the World Map movement and pathfinding, Map Tiles' rules and mechanics, PVP Raid (Battle System logic) and Triggers, Troop Setup, and Battle Result Logic. Updated details for the Building Queue Logic and Mechanics which includes a purchasable time limited Extra Builder item. Resource buildings have also been defined in more detail such as the balloon popups when the resource is ready to claim and when building capacity is full. Also added an Upgradable Building indicator mini icon which appears in buildings that meet the requirements for Upgrade.
For the Backend team (Floffy, Igor, Ivan)
- We welcomed Ivan this week who is going to work on some of our Backend tickets
- We kept working with the frontend team in prevision of the Beta update
- We merged the whole new Barrack system with our new units, then accordingly updated the battle system and resource management to start integration in the frontend
- Review on crypto team's code to make sure everything fits with our blockchain microservice
NFT updates by Simon
- Building a good collection takes time… so imagine a perfect one…! NFT will still be released
- New layers are replacing ugly ones! (Yes… we had ugly ones)
- Rarer NFT will be released with rules updates
Frontend by Skatoony
This week, I integrated the new UI for facilities in the village (facility view, facility troops production, facility info). I added functionality for the new barrack system that now has 20 new troops. I cleaned the project up a bit and resolved all coming errors while fixing a bug - "keep me logged in" that didn't let players enter their own village.
3D By Kermit
- Finished 3D model of the sawmill
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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