Weekly Update 21/11/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design Created and Updated tickets Finished the basic Quest System Design — added more item and MKC rewards for each basic quest type Added the Quest popup to main HUD (whenever a Quest is progressed or completed, a popup appears) Added Quest icon with counter in the main HUD Added Battle Cost proposal (Battles vs. another player will cost 1 energy) to balance out the PvP, prevent excessive consecutive attacks, give more time for defense, boosts retention, and using MKC to restore energy — boosts monetization
Backend This week: - Igor finished the map tile system. - Igor worked on AI villages generation and system. - Jordan worked on reworking our Docker containers and build time, a first improvement was done, gaining precious minutes (sometimes more) on our build time + avoiding crashes. - Jordan worked on the storage vault facility system, we’re finishing the review right now. - Jordan started preparing the code to work on facility build time and queuing. - Ivan worked on truce periods for villages. - Flo added various optimizations like clusterization on the main api in production and stripping some unnecessary big payloads. - Flo is working on the Limited Time Features + archi changes.
Infra - New server special for events ! We want to impress our partners with a perfectly smooth user experience. - Few enhancements regarding network capabilities of the servers, a good ape needs to communicate, working on EKS container technology in order to always provide a better experience for our apes.
Analytics - Indicators : number of simultaneous players, amount of stolen resources per day, attacks per day …. #forzaApes — our new analytics database is enhancing, new ways to explore gamers habits.
3D Reworked the iron Mine to make it fit better inside the village
Same for the MonkeyCoinMine
Same for the Quarry
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
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