Two types of NFTs


Cosmetic NFTs

Cosmetic NFTs will be minted by players outside the game or can be won in special Gamemodes and events.

Consumable NFTs

Consumable NFTs will be produced by the research center and earn in the PVE environment. They will give you a powerful advantage, like upgrading your troops.

Ape Alert Collection (first cosmetics)

NFT Skins

Ape Alert is a collection of skins that will allow you to have more styles than other noobs... The skins will be NFT that you will be able to trade your Ape Alert skins via blockchain technology.
If you have had the chance to play an MMORTS you know that clans, also called guilds or alliances are important and are an integral part of the strategy game. Indeed, the MMO RTS is a game that is played as a team, be sociable and strategic and surround yourself with other players to go further together.

NFT Utility

The NFT will serve as your profile picture in game, on the leaderboard as well as on social networks.
It will allow you to differentiate yourself from other players on the world map to show that you are someone and that you are one of the first to join the Monkey Empire community.