Weekly Update 30/10/2023

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Backend team By Austin
  • I started working on a new feature: achievements. The goal of this is, as opposed to daily or weekly quests, to compute some long-term important infos on the player’s progress and give rewards on these achievements. A good example would be the Bronze Pickaxe achievement, given to players when the’ve Harvested 1.000.000 Iron. I started by drafting a data architecture for it, and I’m implementing it.
By Simon
  • Finished and merged the NFTs profile pic implementation and the documentation for the front team.
By Floffy
  • In order to enable achievements and quests computing without breaking the user experience by adding time to requests, I created a new micro-service, named Player Progress. Basically it acts as a wrapper around the logs, and the achievements/quests services. Being called by other services via an event pattern, it allows adding logs easily (and then do refreshes on related quests and achievements progress) without the need of waiting for an answer from the call. When a completed quest or achievement is found, it will send it to the frontend. Another bonus point on this solution is that it will be scalable to our needs without having to split the code afterwards.
  • I took the oportunity to add a micro-service definition config file to the stack to avoid repeating boilerplate code on this part.
Frontend By Lings
  • Refactor C++ Code for quicker compile time and readability.
  • Refactor/Rename Guild to Clan.
  • Clan Castle info API structure and functions. Implement a pop up menu when clicking on username in Chat. User can use it to open the widget to send DM with the receiver filled for them. We can extend the popup menu function later.
  • Coding API call for creating Clan Outpost.
  • Add Clan Castle and Outpost on World Map ISM Actor.
  • Clan Territory widget, Code api call to send resource to castle and outpost and creating resource sender widget.
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