Weekly Update 19/06/2023

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By Jordan
  • Worked on the “automatic walls” system, to avoid the users having to move their troops to their wall back and forth
  • Worked on the new resources vault, to allow users to automatically store safely a part of their resources
  • Fixed an issue with the cropland collects
By Florian
  • Finished the first part of the new static map. Next steps are to make it interact with all types of villages and outposts, to finally use it instead of the old map
  • Fixed an issue with the way the energy is reloaded
  • Changed the configuration and stack to use a custom mongodb instead of an external one. This will mainly be helpful to do a correct backend tracking and monitoring soon
  • Improved village’s resources route performances, from 900ms to 80ms approximately
  • Documentation work to help the frontend use our features, the next doc coming is about items, so get ready to see a new Inventory in your village !
By Samy
  • Getting a crash report on Android : A file is created on your device or sent to Google Play Console and you just access it.
  • Getting a crash report on iPhone : Re-package the game in a way it can generate a report, send the build back to Testflight, go in the Crash Feedback page, “open the crash report in iOS”, get a “Waiting for future ‘CrashPointURLModeNetworkListSource’ to complete timed out.” error in Xcode, preventing you from reading the crash report. Nothing interesting found online, except some people complaining and not finding a solution. Retry during a few days. Finally send a message to Apple Dev support, have the support page freezing upon sending message.
This is just to read the crash report, then I need to “Symbolicate it” to get the data I need, and check what the actual problem is and solve it. Now you understand why I don’t give a date about when game will be available again on Testflight, since we removed it the end of last year. Backend team is finishing the Inventory System, in the meantime I sketched its UI so it will be ready to be implemented as soon as we get the new update on the server. Then you will be able to get and use Items to get powerful bonuses ! It will be a major step in MonkeyEmpire developement.
By Lings
Started by coding Research API functions, Then worked on Engine Widget to display current research levels and start new research. Finally got all research infos (cost, descriptions) into data tables, finishing the widget in game. We now have the research center working.
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