Weekly Update 19/12/2022

Enjoy Monkey Empire devblog and keep in touch with the ape game development
Game Design — Design for the Energy System, and ticket for it — Did some adjustment with Building requirements — Started with Events Research — Started with Battle Pass Design
Backend team We mainly focused on shipping everything for the Beta v2. We worked on some various features like the Inbox (messages) and the resource terrain conquest, the max number of facilities for a specific main hall level, etc… But the main thing we’ve done and will keep doing this week is fixes, bug hunt and stabilization.
Frontend We are preparing the integration of the features of the Beta v2, big updates are coming on the font.
3D team Almost finished the Capuchin Stone slinger 3D model.
Still working the Orangutans Berserker 3D model.
The whole Monkey Empire team wishes you a nice day!
See you next week for the new devblog episode and don’t forget to ape!
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